“I’ve been using Lionheart serum for sometime now and it is really a wonderful product, made out of natural ingredients only – it absorbs quickly and smells divine.”

– Edita L.

“The quality of this serum is clear immediately, it absorbs quickly and fully into my skin, heavenly.”

– Katherine M.

“I’ve been using the Lionheart Serum for 1 month and I could see the difference straight away. My skin got better and became elastic.”

– Viktoria G.

“I love Lionheart Serum from the opening, the aromas and the texture! Really great product, all natural high quality essential oil.”

– Janice L.

“It absorbs quickly and has the most incredible smell which makes you feel like you’re giving your skin a gift everyday.”

– Imani M.

“I can’t believe that a product actually makes a difference in my skin! It actually plumps up my wrinkle lines and helps my pigmentation.”

– Kellie L.

“It moisturizes my skin without making it oily. I’m totally crazy about the smell.”

– Marine A.

“It’s the perfect serum if you want something soothing and natural on your face – gives a nice glow but doesn’t leave the skin oily.”

– Nora K.

“You can use it as a make-up base. My skin is super sensitive so I finally found something that suits my skin.”

– Phuong L.

“From someone who has tried a lot of moisturizing products, Lionheart serum is honestly my fav – made with all natural ingredients it quickly absorbs into my skin without making it oily.”

– Alexis W.

“My face has never smelt so good!”

– Gabi W.

“I’m a firm believer that you’re not forced to betray your principles to take care of yourself. Not only is Lionheart eco-friendly but also 100% natural and suits any skin type.”

– Sarah A.

“Super moisturizing and radiant! Definitely a serum for anybody who enjoys a nice GLOW.”

– Nghi D.

“I could feel the difference on my skin straight away after applying it the first time – my skin became more smooth, hydrated and very silky.”

– Viktorija B.

“It works very well for people with dry or mixed skin and doesn’t leave your face greasy. Recommendable for anyone!”

– Diana K.

“It hydrates the skin and leaves an amazing glow!”

– Ekaterina P.