Lionheart stand for 100% natural luxurious skincare. Luxury for your senses, mind and soul. 

Viktoriya Gorodetska, the founder, was brought up across cultures – born in Odessa, Ukraine, and growing up in in a creative hub in Berlin. Studied Hotel Management and Business Administrations in Montreux, Switzerland and moved to Vienna, Austria for her Masters in International Business. Working in the Event Management and Wedding Planning field has combined her passion for creativity and organisation. After moving to Bali with a one way ticket in 2017 to feel free and see what adventures would lie ahead, she understood that she loves natural skincare, where many brands do not provide the actual ingredient list, use “natural” preservatives (which was not the case) and mainly the smell of those products would not meet her satisfaction. 

From being fearless and wanting to make other humans feel confident and good about themselves, she started researching the power and history of essential oils, created the serum with a divine smell, texture and started Lionheart Skincare. 

Ukrainian women know what they want and they usually go for it, with a combination of the german organizational skills and her believe that natural skincare can look luxurious, she went on a quest to create the best possible products with the highest quality and a beautiful smell. Her deep belief that everything happens for a reason, especially on the island of the gods (Bali), she started her journey with Lionheart Skincare. 

“Natural skincare products do not need to look so ecological or smell that way. Every human deserves to feel good in their own skin and if I can help achieve that through my brand with the special combination of aromatherapy, this is what I would like to share with the world. Go with full confidence be yourself and roar!”, Viktoriyas says. 

Her aim is to make anyone using her products to feel luxurious, beautiful, confident and be ready to tackle the day, no matter the circumstances.